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Amuza Inc. is a multinational distributor, manufacturer, and provider of scientific laboratory supplies and equipment. Backed by a team of talented, diverse minds, we strive to provide the most ideal support, insight, and services to enhance the discovery and innovation of neuroscience.

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Welcome to the Amuza-ment Park!

"Human minds are said to be easily changeable. Yet, there is nothing stronger than the human mind." - Shinji Azuma, CEO

In Japan, Wa (和), refers to harmony and unity.

It is essential in Wa 和  to maintain an open mind and a welcoming heart.

The meaning of Wa 和  is understood and practiced in accordance with mutual trust, respect, and reliance amongst our members, partners, and customers. With , contrasting ideas are the building blocks for growth. In the same way different flavors are used in combination to create an extraordinary dish, so too, At Amuza, do we find value in creating harmony through combining backgrounds, minds, skills, and talents to form an extraordinary team that delivers spectacular services. We encourage , and believe in the golden merits of harmony and unity.

Scientist and CEO, Shinji Azuma founded Amuza Inc. in 2012. 

We are headquartered in beautiful Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California.  

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What Are You Waiting For?

We are inviting individuals, like you, to join us in the pioneering forefronts of neuroscience! 


Diversity and Inclusion

Multicultural diversity and the right attitudes drive Amuza forward. Our inclusion provides growth opportunities and equal opportunity to our employees.

Rapid Growth

Professional development opportunities are highly valued. Sales and marketing training from outsourcing companies are offered. Our company philosophy provides the chance for individual growth in business mindsets and attitudes.


Because we aim for a sustainable workplace, digitization and virtual interactions are of utmost importance at Amuza.

Our Members


Eric Bancroft, Ph.D.

Account Manager

I admire Amuza’s mission to provide optimal support, insight, and services to enhance the discovery and innovation of neuroscience. Amuza has given me more insight into the neuroscience industry and allowed me to hone my soft skills. I am proud to work with a team that is passionate about consistent


Shinji Azuma

CEO, Founder

Thank you for your interest in Amuza. My name is Shinji Azuma, Founder & CEO of Amuza Inc. Joy of work happens when you grow and develop the skill through overcoming difficulties, and you feel your work contributes to society or the community. We provide both types of opportunities at Amuzament Park


John Sitaras

Marketing Manager

I am blown away by Amuza’s welcoming and supportive culture. I am proud to represent a company that not only cares deeply about their employees but also about the service they provide to their customers. Every member of Amuza equals my drive for growth and passion to learn.


Health, Vision, & Dental

A choice of national medical, vision, and dental plans.

Opportunities to Work Remotely and Flexibly

We welcome remote work arrangements and flexible work hours, subject to specifics of the role.


Sick pay and Paid Time Off are offered.


Our SIMPLE IRA retirement plan provides company-matching contributions of 3% of your individual total earnings.

Home Office Setup

Your computer, monitor, keyboard, and headset are company provided.

Job Opportunity : Sales Associate

We are seeking a Laboratory Equipment Sales Associate to join our growing team. 

As an expert resource, you will work directly with research companies and academic researchers to sell our innovative line of products. 

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10060 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 100

San Diego, California


United States